Cashel Travel Choose United Spirit Nordic to Grow Nordic Business

Pangaea Network member for the Nordics, United Spirit Nordic is delighted to represent Cashel Travel, a family-owned powerhouse offering dream vacations across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. United Spirit’s dedicated team is fluent in the nuances of the Nordic market and their partnership with Cashel Travel will unlock a world of seamless travel experiences, crafted specifically for Scandinavian explorers.

Cashel Travel deliver comprehensive solutions across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland for all types of travel from intimate FIT adventures to luxurious getaways, exhilarating group tours and corporate gatherings with an impressive track record having flawlessly executed events of all sizes, from corporate meetings to grand conferences exceeding 2,000 attendees.

United Nordic Spirit will provide boundless business opportunities for Cashel Travel bringing their expertise, commitment and in-depth market knowledge to the partnership to increase sales for Cashel Travel from the vibrant Nordic travel market.