Korea Tourism Organisation

K-Week Festival Success in Spain

Korea Tourism Organisation


The Korean Tourist Office wanted to bring K-Week to Spain for the 2nd consecutive year. This 2 day festival brings Korean culture, tradition, gastronomy and ancient art to Spanish audiences and highlights the destination as a wonderful place for all ages to visit.


The Blueroom Project organised and promoted the festival at the exclusive Palacio de Neptuno in Madrid. The free event showcased all aspects of Korea and its culture including Korean music concerts, K-pop dance, taekwondo exhibitions and interactive games. Attendees could feel part of Korean culture for a day.


Total attendance: 2,470

K-Week website registrations: 4,375

Visits to K-Week website: 56,016

Clipping results: Number impacts 109; Total press clippings (VEP) E568,020; Total press clipping (VEPR*3) E1,704,061; Total reach 24,891,270

Audiences in Social Networks:

Instagram Impressions: 264,990; Engagement 38.73%; Followers 1,648; Average likes 467; Visits 11,890

TikTok Views: 45,370; Likes 3,925; Interactions 4,505 ; Shares 384

Twitch: Average number of spectators 2,5; Air Time 3h 13m; Unique Viewers 107