Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Strengthens Digital Presence in France

Dominican Republic
2017 - present


In 2017, Hurricane IRMA hit the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, which was lucky to be spared with minimal damage.

Following the media coverage of this natural disaster, many people were afraid to visit. To reassure travellers, continue to develop its seaside tourist appeal with its loyal targets and prospect a new category of clientele more attracted by authenticity, discovery and encounters, the Tourist Office of the Dominican Republic wanted to strengthen its digital presence on the French market by developing its social networks and conducting communication actions with influencers.


Travel-Insight set up an influencer operation to send 3 content creators to the destination to create content and reassure travellers so 3 key profiles specialising in travel were selected. The influencers showed their communities the different facets of the Dominican Republic. Each trip was tailormade according to their audiences and to their favourite themes to cover all the regions of the island and all the tourist offerings including beach, luxury, nature, adventure, culture, gastronomy etc.

Building on the success of this first influencer operation, we repeated the operations with content creators to continue the tourist development of the destination. In total, more than 70 French influencers have been to the Dominican Republic to discover its regions through blog trips and one-shot operations.


We reached more than 2 million people in 3 months and enabled the creation of unique content with more than 15 videos broadcast on the social networks of influencers and the tourist office plus blog articles and numerous photos posted to promote the destination.

Thanks to Travel Insight the Dominican Republic has been the preferred foreign destination on the French market since 2020 with the best engagement rate on Facebook and TikTok.