Costa Rica: Strategic Direction in Europe since 2016

Costa Rica
2016 - present


Pangaea Network was challenged with positioning Costa Rica in key European markets as a unique, diverse, peaceful tourist destination, a leader in sustainability and open to visitors year round.


Fully integrated B2B communications and travel trade representation (strategy, planning and implementation).


Constant sustainable growth in all key European markets for 7 consecutive years (except for the early pandemic period).
–Quick and successful post-Covid19 recovery: all key markets recovered at least 85% of total visitors by the end of 2022.
–New airline connectivity achieved in all major markets.
–Costa Rica;a trendy destination: Since 2016 all main and specialist tour operators, travel agencies and OTAs in western Europe offer a comprehensive range of travel products and key media have featured high quality content on Costa Rica (focus on classic routes and traditional “must see”attractions along with new attactions and resorts).