Spanish Tourist Office

Tourist Office Spain: Campaign to increase digital presence in France

Spanish Tourist Office
2020 - present


To create better flows of French tourists to Spain and promote less visited destinations through social media activity. A more positive attitude needed to be generated towards Spain as a tourist destination to correct negative perceptions of some regions, plus the development of social media communites and an increase in the number of clicks on the website.


Social media: In 2022 Travel-Insight managed all communication on the Facebook page and on the Twitter account Lespagneenfrance. A plan to publish 1 post per day was put in place to be active and visible to the target audience. Travel-Insight was also in charge of community management, interacting with the audience and engaging conversations to foster positive feelings towards the destination.

Appropriate content for the French market was published designed to engage, entertain, inspire, inform and help the community connect emotionally with the destination. In order to further engage the community, 7 Facebook competitions took place including a competition to promote Gijon with the chance to win a holiday.

Influencer: Travel Insight organised 2 influencer trips to promote 2 Spanish territories. One blogtrip was to Cadiz focusing on local gastronomy, Spanish culture and tourism highlights of this beautiful city.


Content created on the two blogtrips has been seen more than 5,255,202 times and generated 106,476 reactions. Regarding social media activity on Facebook, Travel Insight reached 25,914,427 persons in total and generated 30,072,966 impressions.

The Facebook page gained 19,246 new followers and thanks to the Facebook posts, there were 29,425 clicks to their website. On Twitter, in December 2022 there were 31,015 followers and during 2022, tweets were viewed 638,300 times.