United Spirit Nordic

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Founded in 2003, we are a Copenhagen based marketing and communications agency serving the Nordic market. We are committed to improving sales and marketing, and press and PR activity for destinations, hotels and airlines.
With excellent contacts within the Nordic travel trade we can explore and exploit diverse opportunities to achieve increasing visitor numbers, length of stay and spend per person.
Our sales, marketing & PR expertise allow us to develop creative, effective and integrated marketing campaigns that deliver sustainable results. We utilise a full tool box of skills including tour operator liaison, airline relationships, trade shows, road shows, exhibitions, press trips, press conferences, educational/familiarisation trips, travel trade training and CRM.
We use both in-house and outsourced advertising services allowing us to unleash the full power of advertising in both traditional media and new channels such as social media management, social media campaigns, paid/earned, content management, analysis, blogs etc.

Market Overview

Scandinavia’s (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) economy improved in 2015 and growth is continuing into 2016. High levels of disposable income and a strong labour market helped ensure sustained consumption of travel services and products through 2015. Although the smallest of the European travel markets, Scandinavia leads in online travel penetration: Norway, Sweden and Denmark are in the top 6 countries globally. Tech-savvy travel consumers expect new and innovative digital platforms, which will help fuel strong online growth through 2016. It is estimated that currently more than 65% of leisure and unmanaged business travel is booked through online channels.
The main reason why Scandinavians travel is the search for good weather. Other influential factors are price, beach access, the thrill of a destination, environment and cleanliness.
The most popular destinations during summer are Southern Europe with Spain and Greece the best sellers. Winter is the biggest season for long haul holidays with the most popular destinations being the US and Thailand where the Nordic market is the 3rd and 4th biggest market respectively. With more direct flights planned to the US, mainly by Norwegian Airlines, an increase in visitor numbers is likely. These flights will also connect to several Caribbean islands this winter.
Travel budgets reflect income and the average Norwegian household set aside EUR 3,139 for holiday trips in 2014, equalling EUR 1,356 per person. That is EUR 356 more than the Finns, who have the smallest average holiday budget of just EUR 1,177 per person. The Swedes and Danes are slightly closer to the average: Swedes budget EUR 1,376 per person and Danes EUR 1,305 per person. Families have the biggest budget and they account for 26% of the Nordic population. Their total spend per year is EUR 10 billion. Older tourists above 50 years travel the most and have a total of EUR 15,9 billion to spend on outbound holidays per year.

Team members

Christine Engen

CEO & Creative director

Christine has always had a natural urge to explore, find new angles of approaching challenges and to think “out of the box” as well as “in the box”. She is fascinated by the interaction between different cultures and how social media can be used to promote this. With a degree in Social Science from the University of Oslo, and specialist subjects Social Anthropology, Law and Statistics, she is pragmatic, an astute communicator and a strategic planner.