Consumers to spend more on travel over the next 12 months

The second edition of the ‘Consumer Travel Spend Priorities’ research, by Outpayce, a wholly owned Amadeus company, reveals in the coming 12 months, consumers will spend 28 percent more on travel than had been expected a year ago. Outpayce’s travel data analysis also noted that international travel and holidays take the highest priority among consumers.

“International travel” was ranked highest by consumers out of six options; the others were domestic travel, subscription to, for example, Netflix, restaurant visits, buying new clothes and, for example, buying concert tickets. All spend categories edged up compared to last year’s study pointing to a tentative jump in overall consumer confidence. However, the number of people ranking travel as a ‘high priority’ for the coming twelve months increased by the largest margin, rising to 47%, up 12% year-over-year. Travellers expect to spend significantly more on international travel during the coming year with average expected spend of $3,422, an increase of $753 per consumer, or 28%, compared to last year.

About the research: 4,500 travelers were surveyed from the US, UK, France, Germany and Singapore during the second quarter of 2023 using an online methodology by international market research firm Opinium on behalf of Outpayce from Amadeus.