Puerto Vallarta – Integrated Communication Strategy in Latin America

2014 - 2018


Puerto Vallarta had a purely informative site, the visiting user did not have a complete browsing experience, nor did online sales consolidate. Visits to the site came mostly from local public, not the target audience.

There were no defined roles for social network channels, nor precise measurements of results preventing efficient assessment, adjustment or accurate direction of efforts.

Since 2012, revamps were made to adjust the portal to fit the target audience but it was still not meeting the objectives.


Analysis of the online situation of Puerto Vallarta, its’ target market and objectives.

Development of an integral strategy of digital marketing focusing on engaging the target market.

Construction of a communication strategy, through social networks, initiating conversations with travellers and making them “fall in love” with Puerto Vallarta, and attracting them to the renewed website which now offered responsive technology easily accessible from mobile devices.

Development of online conversion points to measure the results of actions implemented.


Sales tripled through the internet, now we know that travellers talk about Puerto Vallarta and have it on their “places to visit” list.

Website with responsive technology for easy navigation, aligned to the new criteria of search engines, semantic web and a hierarchy of content. Focus on different tourist segments and online sales, and constant revisions according to market expectations.

Visits to www.visitpuertovallarta.com increased by 40% compared to 2016, and by 115% to the www.visitapuertovallarta.com.mx.

KPI’S: From Jan – Nov 2017, 127,837 clicks in the booking engine, and 76,930 clicks in the services directory.

Sales through the booking engine amounted to $223,830 MX between Jan – Nov 2017 and increased 455% in 2018 to $ 1,018,932.80 MX

There were 12,639 visit to the booking engine between Jan – Nov 2017, increasing to 45,596 in 2018.

Close contact developed with Creative, Media and PR Agencies, generating joint efforts and satisfactory results for the FIDETUR Puerto Vallarta. Development of the Puerto Vallarta brand for digital media. The Facebook page had a 95% increase in the number of fans and maintained a 4% engagement level, doubling the level of engagement previously held.

The Klout of Puerto Vallarta, registered a growth of 18 points in social authority, going from a score of 56 to 74 points, where currently 73 is the average.

Growth in followers of the official Twitter account from 7,449 to 70,566, in addition to achieving more than 5 times that the hashtag #PuertoVallarta and other related ones will be positioned first in the trending topic at national and international level.

Successful measurement of efforts and events implemented in digital channels through conversion points.

Winners of the Silver Award for the “Best Website 2018” in the Iberoamerican Tourism Online Tourism Awards competing with Argentina, Chile and Ecuador, plus 4th place for “Best Social Media Strategy” in the Iberoamerican Tourism Online Awards. “Best Work or Community Management Management” finalist at the IV Iberoamerican Social Media Awards. Google gave a rating of 96 in User eXperience.

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