Korea Tourism Organisation

Multi-channel campaign for Korea Tourism Organisation in Netherlands

Korea Tourism Organisation


To celebrate 60 years of Dutch-Korean diplomatic bonds and to leverage festivities, the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) wanted to reconnect with Dutch travel professionals, tour operators, travel agents and other trade stakeholders by sharing content on the destination in an informal way following the pandemic.


Based on the popular worldwide¬† Korean TV programme “The Masked Singer” Travelproof created a campaign called “The Masked Traveler”. This campaign, involved 3 Dutch travel trade personalities and 1 famous Dutch singer hiding their identity behind Korean masks depicting characters from Korean legend. Together with the leading travel trade publisher in the Netherlands, Travelproof created a multi-channel campaign which included video, newsletters, a cover take-over, online banners, e-learning course, coverage on the publishers weekly podcast, editorial, destination reports, facebook/instagram postings and a low threshold price draw for travel professionals.

All activations related back to “The Masked Traveler” campaign. Travel professionals who participated in the e-leaning course could submit names of who might be hiding behind the Korean masks. The campaign took place over four weeks and created buzz and excellent engagement with Dutch tourism professionals who also learnt about the destination. Weekly prizes included vouchers at Korean restaurants and a roundtrip ticket to Seoul on Korean Air. The campaign concluded with an interview with the KTO Director France & Benelux in print and online.


The special landing page of “The Masked Traveler” campaign attracted 16,000 page views during the four week period. Hundreds of travel professionals took part in the contest and completed the e-learning course. A substantial number of “Korea Ambassadors” were established and a high value database for permission marketing and destination updates was created.