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We are passionate about what we do, won’t take no for an answer and are dedicated to making your project a success. Founded in 1994 and based in the heart of Amsterdam we are a leading Marketing and PR agency. We support worldwide brands in aviation, tourism, hospitality and lifestyle to showcase their strengths, enhance their reputation and grow their business. Our clients vary from established market leaders to local startups.

Services are customized to craft the right content for the right audience segment at the right time in traditional and social media.

Our team consists of travel industry and media & marketing experts who enjoy a challenge, think outside the box and have a proven track record in achieving results.

Market Overview

The Netherlands is a buoyant market where last year 100,000 more people travelled than in 2014 and 80% of the population undertook at least one holiday, with an increasing number enjoying both a trip domestically and abroad. Expenditure on holidays also grew for the first time in several years. Dutch holiday makers spent over half a billion euros more in 2015 than in 2014, an increase of 3%. Average spend per person also saw a healthy increase from an average of €174 domestically and €717 abroad in 2015, compared to €157 and €692 in 2012.

The media landscape has changed in recent years. Traditional channels such as newspapers, radio and television have converged with social media. Distribution channels are driven by consumers because they decide what, when and how they want information.

The travel forecast looks promising with the population expected to increase to nearly 17.5 million by 2025. Sixty five to eighty year olds who have time to travel are estimated to represent 17% of the total population by 2025.
As the economic outlook brightens, travel will grow moderately between 2016 and 2018 and beyond.
Road and air are likely to remain the most popular modes of transport and travellers are forecast to rely less on professional expert advice and more on user generated content.

Digital platforms that enable crowd sourcing and peer-to-peer collaboration are predicted to account for an even bigger share of the future market. Travellers want to stay connected while on vacation and share experiences on their return.
Moving forward, millennials will be an important target market. By 2020, according to the UNWTO, the youth travel market will achieve a turnover of 320 billion euros. Travelling 3 to 4 times a year, there are likely to be 78 million millenials worldwide by 2030.

The travel industry has one of the highest online retail market shares and this is expected to rise to 2020. Despite globalisation and the appeal of far-flung destinations for adventurous and authentic travel experiences, the highest travel spend in the next decade is expected to be to Western-European countries
Sustainable travel will remain a leading trend as social conscience continues to grow.

Source: ANVR Travel Tomorrow 2015,, 2015

Team members

Jeannette Spits

Managing Director

As Managing Director of USP, Jeanette has over 20 years experience in PR, Sales and Marketing. Starting out with a qualification in Hotel and Tourism Management she quickly gained valuable tourism experience in hotel Sales and Marketing. Deciding to set up her own agency she co-founded USP in 1994 and has since been integral in its impressive growth and excellent reputation. Her online media skills, extensive contact list and partner network are just some of the talents she brings to the agency.
Having globe-trotted for years, her favourite destinations are the jungle of Suriname, New York City and Canada.

Natasha Sprengers-Hooper

Senior Consultant

A specialist in both PR and marketing related activities, Natasha has worked at USP since 2003. Her experience working with Tourist Boards, airlines, hotels and travel organisations is second to none and does not stop with tourism. Working as Senior Consultant she is a confident, experienced and leading member of the team.
When she has time to travel, her favourite destinations are Myanmar, Jamaica and South Africa.

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