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The Netherlands

Punchy PR and effective marketing for the travel and tourism industry. Looking for an engaged and hands-on partner to grow your business in The Netherlands or Benelux market? Travelproof is a Dutch communication and representation agency that combines a long experience in tourism PR and marketing with a strong focus on social and online. We support our clients to achieve their goals with an integrated approach and execution of innovative consumer and trade campaigns. Tailor made, creative and always with a focus on results, exposure and deliveries.

Market Overview

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, including 12 provinces and 6 overseas islands in the Caribbean. The current parliament includes a large variety of 17 parties and the ruling coalition consists of the liberals (VVD), liberal democrats (D66), christian democrats (CDA) and christian party (CU). The Netherlands, with 17.8 MIO inhabitants, is preferred by corporates to base their regional or European head office, due to its open economy, well organised infrastructure, connectivity, language skills and political and financial stability. The servicing sector, agriculture, fishery and flowers are key economic drivers. GDP post-covid grows by 2.6%. The Netherlands are trading worldwide since centuries and Germany is the largest trade partner.

Dutch consumers contribute to roughly 37 MIO holidays per annum of which international destinations represent a little over 50%. The Netherlands holiday participation is second in Europe at 82%. Car is the preferred mode of holiday transport, followed by air based holidays. Approx. 20% of air based holidays are long haul. Meanwhile over 60% of Dutch citizens judge sustainability important when chosing their holiday. And the Dutch are highly online driven, when informing, when booking (over 90-95%) and while travelling. This includes senior travellers (50+) who currently represent 35% of all Dutch travels. European top destinations of the Dutch include Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Italy. Non-European top countries include USA, Curaçao, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt and UAE.
The Dutch consumer is travelling year ‘round and family travel is focused on school holidays in July/August (main holiday), late October, Christmas/New Year, late February and late April. For the main holiday the average length of stay is 2-3 weeks and Dutch consumers are receiptive to unknown destinations, roundtrips, active and even to combine destinations. Dutch travellers are generally comfortable and often fluent in English (and many even in one or more other languages), which makes worldwide travels easy.

Team members

Harry Betist

Managing Partner

Passionate networker with a long experience in tourism pr/marketing. Founded leading travel pr/marketing consultancy BrouwerBetist in 2000, joined Aviareps to become International Director of Tourism, pioneered as entrepreneur once again and merged with Travelproof in 2016. Co-manages the agency, involved in daily operations and first hand contact for principals. Extensive network in local tourism sector as well as with media partners.

Jo Maassen

Managing Partner

A practically-minded team player who sees the big picture without losing sight of the details. Believes in taking a personal and straightforward approach. A seasoned travel industry professional who has run Travelproof successfully since 2006. As managing partner, responsible for overseeing daily operations and account management. Extensive local media, blogger and influencer network.