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Travel Link Marketing is the leading, integrated marketing company in China, catering to the needs of tourism organisations who wish to market their products and services to the Chinese travel industry and its consumers.

Our head office is located in China’s capital Beijing, and we have established a strong presence in four major cities in China with offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. We also have representatives in Xian and Shenzhen to service trade and media, as well as to maintain strong relationships with local partners. All our offices are strategically located so that we can provide our clients with nationwide marketing and communication coverage.

We offer a range of services including representation, PR, digital, event organisation, research and recruitment. We also produce the leading daily publication for the travel industry, Travel Link Daily, which is distributed through 5 key online channels and reaches over 100,000 industry readers.

We understand the travel industry, and we know our market through years of experience working with a variety of clients. With an excellent team who are passionate about travel, understand the latest trends, and are creative, ambitious individuals, we are perfectly placed to fulfil your communication needs in China.

Market Overview

China was the most important source market for tourist spending in 2017, according to preliminary data published by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on 24th April 2018. The UNWTO said that Chinese tourists spent a total of 258 billion U.S. dollars on international tourism in 2017; 8 billion dollars (5 percent) more than in 2016, and well ahead of the second most important source market which was the United States with spending of 135 billion dollars.
On April 26, Analysis issued “the Chinese online travel market analysis for 2018 “, which showed that China’s online travel market in 2017 reached 94.75 billion yuan, up 25.1% from a year earlier. The composite growth rate of the online travel market reached 39.8% between 2012-2017, well above the growth level of 15.8% in the general tourism industry.
–       From a destination point of view, international politics and natural disasters affect the outbound travel rate by 55.1% in 2017. This is slightly lower than the previous year which was 56%.
–       From the perspective of tourism, the number of FIT in 2017 reached 68.6%;
–       In terms of market size, the transaction volume, in 2017 the online outbound tourism market reached 521.8 billion yuan, up 23% year on year.
–       In terms of market share, Ctrip/Tuniu/ hold 80.4%.
–       As of early 2018, Chinese citizens holding Chinese passports can expect easy entry to increase to 66 countries and regions, including 27 visa-free countries, and 39 landing visa countries.
–       In the past five years, the number of international air routes in China has increased from 381 to 784, and the number of navigable cities has increased from 121 to 167. International air passenger traffic has increased by 18.8% annually.
–       The favourable exchange rate is expected to continue to influence the outbound tourism market in 2018.

Team members

Brenda He

Managing Director

Founded in 2005 by Brenda He, Travel Link Marketing Co. Ltd (TLM) provides a tailor-made marketing and sales service to foreign business partners in the destination, airline, hotel and other tourism related industries.

TLM offers clients innovative ideas, first class service and added value which has resulted in a strong client base, excellent client retention, and a solid return on clients’ investment. Our team understand that China is a huge and dynamic market.