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Representing more international tourist offices in the USA than any other, we are the leading Public Relations, Destination Representation and Marketing agency. Established in 1987 we offer integrated strategic and tactical services to the domestic and international travel industry looking to reach the North American market.

As a marketing company, we understand how all elements of the marketing and sales mix work together. Leveraging budgets, while listening to our clients goals and KPI’s we will create an integrated marketing strategy tailor-made to suit you. By way of advertising campaigns, direct mail, trade engagement, social media, online marketing, webinars, e-newsletters and partnership cooperation we will achieve outstanding results.

Our expertise extends to PR where we have had success across all areas including story pitching, media relations, promotions, events and branded partnerships.

We are the only fully integrated travel marketing and representation company in North America with our own offices and personnel in both New York City and Los Angeles. With a broad portfolio of clients, current accounts include Macao, Kenya, Kyoto, Nicaragua, Qatar, Samoa, Melbourne and Papua New Guinea.

Market Overview

While the total US population is over 320 million, approximately 47% hold a valid passport.  Much of this travel is to neighbouring countries or regions such as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. With a growing international leisure travel market and a diverse population, strategic target marketing is required to achieve the best return on investment.

There has been a growing trend for outbound travel by US consumers in the past decade. It is estimated that in 2015 the total outbound US travel market was worth approximately US$200 billion. Outside the neighbouring areas the most popular travel regions for US consumers are Europe, Asia and Central America.

US international travel peaks strongly during the Northern Hemisphere summer months, reaching its highest point in July. This month sees 75% more outbound journeys than the lowest month, February. Additional seasonal peaks can be seen in March and December, which can be attributed to spring break and the holidays, encompassing both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is a clear relationship between income and international travel, with those on higher incomes travelling abroad. The primary groups are the working middle aged or Baby Boomers who may be coming to the end of their careers. This is reflective of the wealth distribution with these age groups the wealthiest on average, having reached peak earning potential and benefiting from a variety of advantages in their working lives. The good news for travel is the prominence of the Millennials despite their lower household income and wealth levels. Those aged under 35 travel often and over long distances.

With approximately US$190 billion spent on advertising annually the media and marketing arena is highly competitive.  Companies are turning more and more to digital solutions for a targeted approach.  International travellers prefer to use travel agents for trip planning and purchasing.  This is especially true for luxury and complex vacation packaging.

Team members

Al Merschen

President / CEO

As President/CEO, Al brings a wealth of marketing experience to Myriad. From his role as a University Lecturer in Marketing to his practical experience in marketing research and advertising he understands the theory and practices of the industry. Beginning in 1987 with consulting projects for a variety of industries, Al quickly discovered travel was his passion.
For the past twenty years Myriad has specialised exclusively in the travel industry. Al’s efforts are focused on creating strategic solutions to client challenges, coordinating travel industry partnerships and overseeing Myriad’s growth. Ever the teacher, he also conducts marketing presentations throughout the world.

Julie Averay Cuesta

V.P. Representation

A keen traveller, it was a natural path to take for Julie to work in tourism Marketing and PR. Graduating from the University of South Australia, with a Bachelors Degree in management and majoring in Tourism Marketing, Julie has since worked as Marketing Manager for both the South Australian Tourism Commission and Qantas Vacations.
Having lived in the United States for more than 20 years and using her vast travel knowledge of the South Pacific, Europe and South Africa she focuses on the formulation of strategic plans and the execution of advertising and public relations campaigns for leading accounts.