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Founding in 1995 by Valerie Ferrandis and joined by Pierre- Eric Rémoleux in 2001, Indigo Unlimited has become a leading French PR, marketing and representation company in the tourism and hospitality fields. Based in central Paris, we are a team of experts combining media relations, and operational marketing & sales specialists.

Each one of us has excellent knowledge of the needs for any client whose aim is to increase market share and visibility in France and the European French speaking regions. With more than 100 clients around the globe over the last 20 years, our aim is still the same, “Working for your R.O.I”.

In early 2016, Indigo Unlimited approached Duxin Com Marketing & Communication, founded 10 years ago by US specialist Hervé Duxin, to become part of our group and develop our North America and Caribbean regions. In the same year, Indigo Unlimited decided to act upon our clients’ requirements to maximise hotel sales activities. “Keys” was born, bringing new methods for global sales in the hospitality segment

We are very proud of being Indigo Unlimited, a unique representation and communication agency specialising in tourism, hospitality and wellness on the French speaking markets in Europe. Today, with a strong team of 18 experts, Indigo Unlimited stands united to cover our clients’ needs and expectations all over the world.

Market Overview

France welcomed nearly 85 million visitors in 2015 but numbers have dropped after the terrorist attacks. Arrivals dropped by 8% in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the previous year, according to market research firm Euromonitor International. In the first six months of 2016, Paris hotel arrivals dropped 7.5%, visitors to the Arc of Triumph fell 35% while the Chateau de Versailles experienced a 16% decline.

Over 24 million trips were made abroad, an increase of 3 % on last year. The forecast is positive with departures expected to increase by a CAGR of 2-4% during 2015-2020. French tourists remain budget-conscious choosing to take short breaks and travel off-season. Many increasingly book last minute to benefit from special offers.

Spain and Italy remain the top destinations accounting for 35% of all outbound trips. These countries benefit from close proximity and safe, positive images. The USA is experiencing fast growth; 1.75 million visited last year putting France in 9th position for US arrivals. New York, Miami, Florida and California are most popular with “Real America” destinations, including Utah, Nevada and Wyoming, increasingly being visited. 

Last year 20% of French travelers spent their summer holidays abroad, an increase of 15%.

Travelling long haul, Mauritius and Reunion Island were the most popular. Mauritius was seen as a luxury destination but with all-inclusive packages for less than EUR 1,000 per week, it has become increasingly popular. Latin and Central America are also attracting more tourists. Other countries lost ground; Greece, Turkey and Thailand suffered due to unstable economic conditions.

As more flights and holidays are booked direct, travel agencies/tour operators have had to offer multi-channel sales. The cruise segment has experienced healthy growth.

Families remain the largest group of outbound tourists accounting for close to 50%, followed by couples and friends. Business travel has recovered after two years of decline.

Air travel was the main mode of transport (71%) followed by land (17%). The increase in low-cost flights from several cities outside Paris accounted for this increase.

Team members

Pierre Eric Rémoleux

General Manager & CEO

With 25 years experience in the tourism and hospitality sectors, Pierre’s passion for the hospitality industry started 30 years ago and still remains the same. As each client is unique and deserves a cross marketing strategy to get the best R.O.I, Pierre uses his operational marketing and sales experience to ensure must needed synergies. Pierre-Eric is the CEO of Indigo Unlimited and chairman of Living Hotels ‘group (Hotels Investments &Management Company), Head of the Master Degree Programme in Hospitality Management, University of Paris Marne la Vallée (since 2008) and “Le Touquet Paris Plage Tourisme“ Vice Chairman.
Pierre Eric received the Silver French Ministry of Tourism’ Medal in 2009.

Sarah Lherbier

Managing Director

Entirely dedicated to satisfying the agency’s clients and to assist and manage the team. Sarah uses her passion and expertise in PR, Communication and Marketing to create successful campaigns. Sarah joined Indigo Consulting in April 2006 as an Account Executive. She became Director of Communications & Marketing in 2009, in charge of supervising press and public relations, marketing and social media for her clients. Previously she worked for 5 years in luxury hospitality PR . She was appointed Managing Director in September 2015.

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